Panama: DGI Presents the new computer tax system e-TAX 2.0

The new computer tax system e-Tax 2.0 will come into operation next Monday, July 25th , and will allow taxpayers of the country to make tax formalities and keep track of their efforts or payments in concept of tributes made to the General Directorate of Revenues (DGI), through 23 process flows.

All of the transactions that are currently being performed by the e-Tax system may now be performed through the e-Tax 2.0, such as the registration of ‘RUC’ or contributor’s unique register, the presentation of Income Statements and requests of Certificates of Good Standing.

The new platform e-Tax 2.0 will facilitate the provision of online services taxpayers currently receive on-line; however, all payments shall remain being made at the same banks and agencies which are already authorized for this purpose by the “DGI” (General Directorate of Revenues).