Quijano Fit, because CSR starts at home

In Quijano & Asociados we are happy to introduce you to our Quijano Fit program…

Because our Corporate Social Responsibility starts at home.

And it is precisely for this reason that Quijano Fit was created!  Those employees who wished, participated in a challenge to lose weight. These warriors were enrolled in Power Club with personal nutritionist and trainer to give proper follow up to their progress and help them with their new goal.

After three months of hard effort of our participants, two winners were chosen; and we celebrated with all our coworkers in a fun night of karaoke and genuine camaraderie.

But that’s not everything!  This initiative has also been covered by our friends from Cable Onda Sports, as the impact is not only within our company, but on our society …

Once the awards were given, we also decided to ADD all the pounds lost among all participants, and buy the same amount of pounds on food; and subsequently donate them to  the “Children Home” orphanage.  We were greeted by Principal Luz Elida, with approximately 30 children who spent the afternoon chatting and playing soccer with us. (The truth is that they play better than us …)