The Good Deeds Day receives International Volunteering Award

It is already celebrated in 75 countries worldwide; and Panama joined in 2015.

Last June, the Good Deeds Day was awarded the prestigious George W. Romney Affiliate Excellence Award during the Volunteering and Service Conference  organized by Points of Light in Michigan, United States.

This recognition was awarded because of both the global and local impact of this activity, which is designed to spread the joy of doing good, on a day specifically dedicated to organizing actions that make a difference in our communities and the people around us.

This global movement began 10 years ago in Israel by the philanthropist and businesswoman Shari Arison and it has already been spread to75 countries around the world.

In Panama, the Good Deeds Day is organized by the Jewish-Panamanian Foundation (JUPÁ), B’nai B’rith Foundation and the Volunteers of Panama Foundation; supported by a select group of sponsors, of which Quijano & Associates proudly has participated and will continue participating of.

Here in Panama, for the second consecutive year, last April 10, 2016, more than 16,000 volunteers (who made more than 365 good deeds) mobilized.

Each year, this award honors projects in the area of volunteerism around the world which demonstrate outstanding excellence in leveraging, engaging and managing active change-agents locally. This award represents the pinnacle of excellence, and is awarded to recognize the collective success of an activity to make a significant difference through volunteering and service in their community and beyond. George W. Romney Excellence Award was created in 1996 in honor of the Governor Romney and his personal commitment to volunteer service.

The next International Good Deeds Day will be held on April 2nd, 2017.

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