Carla Rojas Pardini on the International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a good time to reflect on all the progress made thanks to the courage of women who have played a crucial role in the history of humanity; and to become multiplying agents of a culture of equity.

It is an honor for me to address you on such a special date, aware that the leadership of women is essential to achieve a more just world.

This is why achieving gender equality within our organization, at all levels, is one of our main objectives, which is why we have addressed this issue both nationally and regionally, through an education program on the legal framework that promotes women and the initiatives that have been taken both at the public and private levels in the countries of the region.

Today I speak not only as a professional, but as a daughter, sister, friend, wife and mother; And in each of these roles I reinforce my commitment to achieve a more equitable world, where my daughters have economic autonomy, where their political participation and leadership are guaranteed, and where there is full inclusion of women and their rights.

We have advanced, but the fight continues. Congratulations on our day.

Carla’s video (in Spanish) is available in our Youtube Channel: