Creation of a short-stay visa as a remote worker

Through Executive Decree No. 198 of 2021, the Ministry of Public Security has created the Short-stay Visa as a remote worker, within the migratory category of Non-Resident, for those foreigners who meet the following conditions:

1. Who has an operative contract from a foreign company of a transnational nature or is a self-employed worker, in the modality of teleworking.

2. Performs functions that have their effects outside of Panama.

3. Receives income from a foreign source and with an annual amount which is not less than US $ 36,000, or its equivalent in foreign currency.

This visa entitles the foreigner to telework within the Republic of Panama, without the need to obtain any other permit; and will have a duration of nine months, extendable once for the same period.

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Download Executive Decree No. 198 by clicking here.