We are prepared to provide assistance concerning the immigration status of employees and/or dependents.

Our Relocation Services will save our clients time and money.

O uijano & Associates has a group of lawyers and staff who are familiar with every detail of immigration legislation now in force and effect in the Republic of Panama, and are particularly prepared to provide assistance concerning the immigration status of employees and/or dependents, and are also prepared to solve this kind of problems for local or foreign corporations or multinationals who have to arrange the resident status of foreigners as employees and/or as dependents.

Our lawyers are quite familiar with all of the existing procedures conceived to attract foreign investors, tourists and retirees requiring assistance in obtaining visas, work permits, temporary and permanent residence status and naturalization procedures.

Our list of expertise in this field includes the following, without limitation:

  • Permanent residence for economic solvency;
  • Permanent residence permit under the Panama-Italy Agreement;
  • Temporary and permanent residence granted to citizens of Specific Countries having friendly or investment relations with Panama (Friendly Nations);
  • Temporary and permanent residence for retirees or pensioners;
  • Permanent residence for persons married with a Panamanian citizen;
  • Permanent residence for parents of a Panamanian citizen;
  • Permanent residence as a professional foreigner;
  • Temporary residence for employees under the 10% allowed for foreigners under labor contracts to work in Panama or under the 15% for specialized personnel;
  • Temporary residence under the Marrakesh Agreement;
  • Temporary residence for employees of a multi-national enterprise with central offices located in Panama;
  • Temporary residence for retirees with means of sustenance;
  • Temporary residence for specific persons in Ciudad del Saber.
  • Dependents of permanent residents may also obtain permanent residence.
  • Permanent residence as a Qualified Investor.

Quijano & Associates has also assisted a considerable number of foreigners through the entire process of naturalization up to the certificate of citizenship.

Our Experts

Julio A. Quijano B.

Ileana Céspedes