Quijano & Associates is widely recognized for its advisory and incisive assistance.

We also offer full advisory related to the granting of franchises and copyright protection.

Q uijano & Associates enjoys the best reputation as a highly esteemed law firm providing advisory services in the various procedures that may be used to register and protect intellectual property rights.

Our lawyers represent clients in the process of registration of logos, symbols, images, art, phrases, tridimensional logos, signs, designs to protect the creativity and inventiveness, and at the same time oppose any attempt to violate the rights of the owner of the trademark.

In addition, we provide services to our clients by obtaining the protection of the patents of inventions, industrial designs and denomination of origin.

Our experts advise clients as from the registration of the intellectual property rights and in any process involving its sale and licensing in Panama and all over the world including, without limitation, the following:

  • Representation and advice in Panama for the protection of intellectual property rights.
  • Protection of licenses and franchises.
  • Due diligence concerning trademarks, registrations, licenses and acquired rights in the national market.

It is important to obtain the registration of intellectual property because of the day-to-day progress and developments which underline the importance of a proper protection of intellectual property in order to contribute to the growth and development of the client’s business by preventing that third parties profit from violating those rights.

Quijano & Associates offers expert legal advice and assistance for the protection of intellectual property.

Our Experts

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