We submit all types of civil and commercial suits in Panama.

We always make the effort to use other methods for resolving civil and commercial suits, such as negotiation, mediation and arbitration.

Q uijano & Associates has a team of lawyers and assistants with a vast procedural experience in litigation and arbitration in Mercantile Law, Civil Law, Insurance Law, Banking Law, Family Law, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Corporation Law and Administrative Law.

Our Director of Litigation and Arbitration has the experience of many instances of arbitration in which he has acted as arbiter and litigating party.


  • Arbitration proceedings
  • Procedural Civil and Commercial Law matters
  • Contentious-Administrative processes
  • Family and minors
  • Proceedings in Commercial Courts
  • Constitutional proceedings (constitutional guarantees, habeas corpus, habeas data, proceedings concerning violations of the Constitution)
  • Proceedings before the Superintendence of the Securities Market
  • Maritime Court proceedings
  • Criminal cases
  • Litigation concerning condominium property
  • Construction Law
  • Extraordinary proceedings in appeals and cassation
  • Labor proceedings

Our Experts

Adriano Correa

Karina Castillo

Alexs Sugasty