Foreign Direct Investment increases in Panama

The first quarter of 2017 showed a notable increase in foreign investment, totaling $1,315.4 million, representing 10.7% more than the $1,188.7 million recorded during the same period in 2016, all of them according to data revealed by the General Comptroller of the Republic of Panama, which are based on preliminary figures of the National Institute of Statistics and Census.


According o the  National Institute of Statistics and Census’ statistics, in the first three months of 2017, general licensed banks registered foreign direct investment in the amount of $160 million 900 thousand dollars, 3.7 percent more than the %155 million 200 thousand dollars in the first quarter of 2016.


In terms of investment in international licensed banks, it increased $1,282.2 percent from 7.3 million dollars in the first three months of 2016 to $100.9 million dollars in the same period this year.


Direct investment in other companies during the first quarter of 2017, totalled $961.7 million dollars, 1.3 percent more than the $949.4 million dollars from January to March 2016.


According to the Office of the General Comptroller of the Republic, the reading of these numbers means that “foreign companies decided to reinvest their profits, which is the major boost to the growth of investments, totalizing $964.0 million dollars between January And March 2017; 25.0 percent more than the $770.9 million dollars in the same period last year, “adding that in recent years, Panama has been the country with the largest direct foreign investment in the region.


Taken from “La Estrella de Panamá” newspaper.