Panama and Israel sign Free Trade Agreement

Panama and Israel signed on 17th May a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the interest of strengthening trade relations between the two countries, reaching its maximum potential and enhancing the Central American isthmus’ connectivity and logistics services for Israeli investments, for both the Panama Canal and the rest of Latin America.

The FTA between both countries will boost Panama’s access to the Israeli market and will allow an expansion of the commercial potential for traditional Panamanian products in the Middle East.

Israel’s great development in technological innovation, together with Panama’s logistics and international services platform, can generate an alliance that would allow attracting companies from Israel to take advantage of such platform and improve its presence in the Latin American market.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel referred to Panama as the World’s Logistics Hub, highlighting the country’s geographical position and the importance of the Panama Canal to the global economy.

Source: Capital Financiero