Panama: Data Protection and Telework

With the recent approval of Law 126 of 2020, which “ESTABLISHES AND REGULATES TELEWORK IN THE REPUBLIC OF PANAMA”, some data protection measures must be complied by both the worker and the employer.

Quijano & Associates is committed to keeping our clients informed of all the changes in Labor matters, therefore we inform:

  1. Data Protection Measures to be taken by the employer:
  • To inform the teleworker of the internal policies and regulations for the protection of the data used and processed by the teleworker for professional purposes, in accordance with current legislation on this matter.
  • To inform the teleworker of all restrictions on the use of computer equipment or supplies, as well as the penalties that could be applied if the restrictions are not respected.
  • To inform the teleworker of the installment of any control system. This system will be proportional to the objective that seeks to be protected, and may never be violate the personal or family privacy of the teleworker or third parties.
  • To Provide, install and maintain the necessary equipment for the job, as well as providing the technical support service that this equipment requires.

2. Data Protection Measures to be taken by the worker:

  • To comply with the data protection regulations and the restrictions that are communicated to him/her regarding the information handled by virtue of its functions.
  • To duly and safely conserve and guard the equipment, computer tools and programs provided by the employer, and to forbid its use to people that is not authorized by the employer.
  • To immediately notify the employer of any loss, theft or improper use of the equipment and programs, as provided in the internal regulations of the company.