PANAMA: New Stamped-Visa requirement for nationals of the Republic of India

[PANAMA: Executive Decree 113 of the 4th of April, 2018]

Whereby the Republic of India is included among the countries requiring a visa stamped by the Consul in order to enter the national territory.

As from the 1st of June, 2018, Decree 113 of 2018 shall be in force and effect and the citizens of India will be able to enter Panamanian territory with a Stamped Visa.

Any investor or tourist may request a visa at the Consulate of Panama, where the consular staff, upon the proper considerations, may issue a Stamped Visa valid for multiple entries and exits during three (3) years.

The Panamanian Consulate in New Delhi and in Mumbai shall be authorized to issue the Stamped Visa and it will not cost more than US$50.00, according to Executive Decree 320 of 2008 regulating these procedures.

Under the new legislation, it will no longer be necessary to submit the visa application to the immigration authorities in Panama, since the Consulate will be authorized to issue the Stamped Visa with no delay in order to avoid any delays for any citizen of India who may envisage investment possibilities in Panama, as well as to foster tourism between the two countries.