Use of the ‘Hecho en Panama’ logo

By means of Law 112 of November 18, 2019 the distinctive logo for Panamanian products or products manufactured in the Republic of Panama was created, which has been recently regulated by the Executive Decree No. 84 of April 30, 2021.  The main purpose of the logo “HECHO EN PANAMÁ” is to promote and strengthen the consumption and commercialization of national products both in the local and international markets, as well as to promote competitiveness for the benefit of national producers, companies and industries.

The companies interested in using the logo on their products must apply the corresponding authorization to the General Directorate of Industries of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, who by means of a resolution stating grounds will authorize the use of the logo “HECHO EN PANAMÁ”, delivering to the authorized person the Manual of Use of the Logo, which will contain the specifications, colors, typography and characteristics of the logo that the product must have

The interested party in using the logo “HECHO EN PANAMÁ” must prove before the General Directorate of Industries that its products comply with any of the following cases, to wit:

  1. That the product is obtained in its entirety or produced entirely in Panama and manufactured or made with national raw materials.
  2. That the product is elaborated with goods or raw material that does not originate in Panama, but that results from a process of production or industrial transformation in Panama.

The authorization issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, through the General Directorate of Industries will be free and will be granted for a term of three (3) years, extendable for the same term.  In order to obtain the corresponding authorization, it will only be sufficient for the interested party to present its application and attach the documents that support its application such as:  data sheet of each product where the characteristics and description of the product are clearly indicated, as well as the origin of the Panamanian inputs, raw material or parts and the way in which these are used in the production process, in addition to the certification or document issued by the competent authority stating that the product is produced in the Republic of Panama, when the product does not involve an industrial or agro-industrial transformation.

Likewise, the authority may terminate the authorizations for the use of the logo “HECHO EN PANAMÁ”, in the following cases:

  1. when the logo is not used for the products for which the authorization has been granted.
  2. When the specifications or composition of the logo “HECHO EN PANAMÁ” are altered or modified in any way.
  3. When the logo is used after the effective date granted by the General Directorate of Industries of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries.
  4. When the logo is misused.
  5. When the applicant decides to rescind thereof, as long as he/she notifies it to the General Directorate of Industries of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries.
  6. When the requirements of Law 112 of 2019 and its regulations are not complied with.

In the event that any person uses the logo ““HECHO EN PANAMÁ”” without prior authorization, the same shall be sanctioned pursuant to the provisions of Title VII, improper use of Industrial Property Rights of Law 35 of 1996 as amended by Law 61 of 2012, that is to say a fine of ten balboas (B/. 10,000.00) to two hundred thousand balboas (B/.200,000.00), suspension of the right to exercise commerce for a term of three (3) months and the suspension or cancellation of the key or operation permit in case of companies located in the Colon Free Zone.

Finally, the creation of the logo “HECHO EN PANAMÁ” has the sole purpose that the products made in Panamá are recognized not only within our country, but also in all the countries where they are exported.